LCI Project

The CEPE LCI project, which started in September 2011, aimed to cover both the raw materials and the manufacturing processes used in our Industry, which makes it a “cradle to gate” project. More information on how the CEPE database was built can be found here. An additional objective was to make this data accessible to non-experts in environmental assessment, particularly to SMEs, via the development of an easy to use Ecofootprint tool.

Database information

The LCI database can be used in Life Cycle Assessment tools at the members’ companies or with the help of consultants. The second version of the database now contains 323 raw materials, and is available in GaBi, SimaPro and Excel (List of materials – To know how to access the database, click here

The CEPE database is updated regularly, both to take into account new datasets provided by our suppliers, and to include important raw materials that would be missing.

Feedback and questions on the databases can be discussed here

The LCI database now contains European averaged life cycle information for each raw material. CEPE is open to including supplier specific materials under given conditions. For more information on providing supplier specific information, click here.

Ecofootprint tool information

The Ecofootprint tool was created as a web-application that enables companies to calculate Ecofootprints for their products in 3 simple steps, based on coatings formulation. It uses both the manufacturing and the raw materials databases. More information on the Ecofootprint tool (how to access it, background information etc.) can be found here.

Printing ink companies are not advised to use the Ecofootprint tool.

Information package

An information package containing the database background report, Ecofootprints of typical formulations, background presentations and other useful documents can be found here.