CEPE has taken many steps towards Sustainability!

Since 2012, the sector created the Sustainability Charter, which gives the principles for our sectors towards less environmental impact of our products. We encourage our members to look at the full life cycle of their products while keeping in mind the three pillars of Sustainability: People, Planer and Profit.

For this reason we created tools for our members to enable them to do that! In 2011, we created the CEPE LCI project to provide to all CEPE sectors harmonized Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) data for theindustry’s most important raw materials and manufacturing processes. In addition to the database, we have created an online user-friendly calculation tool, the Ecofootprint tool that uses the CEPE LCI database to make simple calculations on the environmental impact of the products. Both the database and the Ecofootprint tool they have been updated on regular basis with more raw materials and better and more representative data.

Based on these developments, several CEPE sectors started working on specific paint application scenarios. For more information on Sectorial projects click here (link to Sectorial Work onSustainability).