Decorative Coating

Decorating living spaces or office spaces has proven to positively influence the well-being of those who occupy these spaces.

Most prominent for painting are the walls and ceilings, the doors or the window-frames. But also furniture elements (indoors or outdoors) may need a fresh coat of paint. Besides a number of colours as supplied in the paint-container from which he can choose, the consumer can also individualize his colour choice at the mixing station in the paint-shop. The progress in ease of applying these deco paints has increased the use for Do-it-Yourself. Over 80% of the paints in this sector are nowadays waterborne and have therewith substantially reduced the emissions of solvents to air.

Brushes and rollers cleaning

Paint industry publishes video guidance for consumers on how to clean brushes or rollers in an environmentally friendly way.

The paint industry advises on several ways of handling used paint brushes. In between paints jobs, it is recommended that brushes and rollers are wrapped airtight which will keep them usable for a few days. For use in the more distant future, paint brushes should be cleaned in a water bucket to prevent emissions down the drain. When no longer needed, dried paint brushes can be disposed of according to local legislation.
For further information, please reach out to your National Association.
The video guidance is an initiative of VVVF, the Dutch Association for Paint and Ink Producers, in cooperation with CEPE.