Coil Coating

When objects or articles are produced in a factory, they normally receive as a last step in production a layer of paint when the shape or form of the article is not undergoing any further change (i.e cars; furniture etc.).

If however a manufacturer of articles does not want to run his own in-line paint facility he may consider the purchase of ‘pre-coated metal’ which is delivered in coils. The unwound flat sheet (aluminium or steel) from the coil can by the manufacturer be bended and formed in its coated state into the final shape as the article manufacturer wishes (i.e. domestic appliances like refrigerators or washing machines; cladding panels; cases for electronic equipment).

The coatings that are used on such precoated metal have in common a high flexibility to withstand the after-forming. Other characteristics will depend on the intended end-use
These coatings are applied in highly sophisticated coil-coating lines. Well defined layer thicknesses are applied by roller and thereafter cured in a tunnel oven.

The solvents that are used in the coatings evaporate in the oven but are not emitted to the environment but used as fuel to run the oven which makes this process a sustainable process. For further examples of the use of coil-coatings see