Access to CEPE Ecofootprint tool

Access to CEPE Ecofootprint tool

Registration should always be made with a company email address. Requests with another type of email address (;;; etc.) will be rejected.

CEPE members

All CEPE members (direct and affiliated) can have access to the Ecofootprint tool.

For multinational companies, accounts can be created by employees from legal entities that are not CEPE members, but a European user of the tool needs to be nominated as a “sponsor” to ensure that the limitations of the CEPE tool are known. If someone that registered for an account leaves the company, this person needs to inform CEPE and the account will be removed or the password changed.

Giving or selling access to the CEPE Ecofootprint tool to non-members without approval from the CEPE secretariat will be considered as fraud.


Consultants that are not CEPE members cannot have their own access to the Ecofootprint tool. If they have been asked by a CEPE member to work with the CEPE tool, the consultant should ask the CEPE member company to create an account, indicating in the comment box “For Consultant use: Consultancy X”. An email will be sent to the CEPE member company every 3 months to check that the consultant is still working for the member company. The account set up for the consultant will be deleted (or the password modified) when the contract between the CEPE member company and the consultant comes to an end.

Access to tool and user manual

Access to tool

On top of the Ecofootprint user manual, a webinar presenting the Ecofootprint tool is available here, courtesy of the British Coatings Federation (BCF).

To receive personalized help on the Ecofootprint tool, you can ask for the help of you national association expert.