Where are Powder Coatings used

Where are Powder Coatings Used?

Powder coatings are used in all markets, subject to the constraints of the technology and often competing with liquid coatings
Market segments within powder are identified such as:

Automotive components
Domestic appliances (washing machines, radiators, fridges)
Metal for architecture (aluminium and steel for window frames)
Metal furniture
Many general industrial items
Computer cases

There is also a large market for job coaters. These are people that coat on behalf of others.

Powder coatings were first introduced in the 1950s and since the 1970s market growth has outstripped the general growth of coatings.

Powder Coatings – Multi-purpose

Their areas of application keep expanding

Many product users are taking advantage of the benefits of modern powder coating systems. Three criteria must be met before using powder coating technology:

  • The object to be coated must be suitable in both design and size.
  • The substrate must be conductive or can be made temporarily conductive.
  • Thermal stability with respect to the baking process.

Metallic objects have generally proved to be suitable. However, modern materials, such as plastics and timber derivatives (MDF), can also be powder-coated.

Powder coating Chemistry Main properties Applications
Epoxy Epoxy resin cross-linked with DCD (Dicyandiamide) or amidine salts Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance, functional system Indoor use, e.g. corrosion protection, automotive inner parts, pipe and tank coating
Polyester-Epoxy (hybrid) Carboxyfunctional polyester resin cross-linked with epoxy resin Allround system with good overall properties Indoor use, e.g. mechanical engineering, metal furniture, household appliances, white goods, store constructions, switch boxes, lights, garden furniture, office furniture, shelving, radiators
Polyester Polyester resin cross-linked with aromatic glycid-ester Good weatherability, very good corrosion protection Outdoor use, e.g. agricultural and construction equipment, fork lifters, fences, commercial vehicles
Polyester Polyester resin cross-linked with β-hydroxyl-alkyl-amide Good to excellent weatherability, good corrosion protection Outdoor use, e.g. agricultural and construction equipment, architectural, garden furniture, automotive, fences, commercial vehicles
Polyurethane Polyester resin cross-linked with internal blocked isocyanate Good weatherability, excellent corrosion and chemical resistance Outdoor use, e.g. alloy wheels, automotive
Acrylic Acrylic resin cross-linked with dodecanedioic acid (DDDA) Excellent weatherability, very good corrosion resistance Outdoor use, e.g. alloy wheels, automotive, agricultural equipment, bicycles
IR / UV Unsaturated resins Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance Indoor use, e.g. temperature sensitive substrates such as MDF, plastics