Sectorial Work on Sustainability

Sectorial work on sustainability

The CEPE LCI project was the starting point for multiple sectorial projects to tackle the gate to grave part of the paint life cycle.

Sectorial screening studies

A number of screening studies have been conducted on sectorial projects. The concept is to run a quick study on a specific coating application to have an idea of the role of paints in the impact of this application. So far, the following studies have been conducted: powder coating protection of aluminum window frames, application of protective coatings on a steel bridge. More sectors are investigating potential studies.

Decorative paints – the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) pilot project

The PEF methodology was developed to allow better comparison of life cycle assessment results. The methodology is now being tested by 24 pilots on a large variety of products in a three years pilot phase which started in November 2013. CEPE is involved in the pilot phase with decorative paints. For more information, you can join the project as a stakeholder and access our PEF stakeholder workspace.