Marine Coatings

MAMPEC is a chemical fate model to predict environmental concentrations of antifoulants in harbours and estuaries. New antifouling agents are replacing old products on large sea-going vessels. For the exposure assessment in marine environments there is a need for reliable chemical fate models. Existing chemical fate models lack a realistic treatment of the hydrodynamical exchange processes in coastal environments. MamPec features an integrated 2D hydrodynamical and chemical fate model.
The first version of MAMPEC (v1.0), developed by Delft Hydraulics and IVM Vrije Universiteit, was released in 1999. The study was commissioned by the Antifouling Working Group of the European Paint Makers Association (CEPE / CEFIC) and sponsored CEPE, the European Commission (DG XI),the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Delft Hydraulics. Since then updates have been released in 2002 (v1.4) [1], 2005 (v1.6), 2006 (v.1.6.03) and 2008 (v2.0) compatible with changing requirements of common operating systems (Win9X-NT-2000-XP) and requirements of users and competent authorities. The model has been distributed via the internet by cepe and members ( most recent version, MAMPEC v3.0, is available since June 2011 and incorporates several new features such as:

  • Compatibility issues
  • Inclusion of EU and OECD Emission scenarios for non-service life emissions
  • Improved user interface
  • Upgrade of hydrodynamic and chemical fate program modules
  • …and many more

The model and documentation can be downloaded from the MAMPEC support website

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