How do I choose the correct product?

How do I choose the Correct Product?

Depending on the application, it is very important to choose the correct product. Powder coatings are available in a broad range of types and qualities. See table.

One has to know exactly what the added value of the coating should be.
Do we expect only a decorative aspect or should the coating increase the corrosion resistance?
What colour do we need? The most common colour standard is the Ral standard, but powder coating can also be developed according to NCS, Pantone or up to the customer wishes.
What kind of gloss is desired? The gloss can range from dead matt 2 % to high gloss 100%.
Does your product require an approved coating? Qualicoat, GSB, or other?
Do you have to coat porous substrates? So you might need a primer or a degassing powder coating.

Will the coated part be in contact with food?

It is obvious that the coater should have a good idea of what type of powder coating is needed. The selection of the correct powder coating should therefore be discussed between the user and the supplier. 

Resin Type Applications Properties
Polyester Architectural market (Qualicoat, GSB,...)
Industrial market (customer specifications)
Normal outdoor resistance
10 year warranty on colour and gloss
Increased outdoor durability (superdurable)
25 year warranty on colour and gloss
Epoxy-polyester Electronic devices, white goods (refrigerators, washing machines, ...) Indoor only
Lower price
Increased chemical resistance
Epoxy Corrosion protection No outdoor resistance
Good chemical resistance
Good mechanical qualities
Excellent adhesion
Polyurethane Anti-graffiti coating Good chemical resistance
Less good mechanical qualities
Outdoor resistance
Acrylic Transparent topcoat Good resistance to scratches
Outdoor resistance
Hard to pigment