CEPE Membership

CEPE recognizes the following categories of members: 

A direct Company membership. 

Open to Paint or Printing Ink or Artists’ Colour companies within the EU28 or Norway or Switzerland (the CEPE territory) that also hold a membership with a National Association that is associated with CEPE. Such companies have a dual membership.

An Associated membership.

Open to National Associations in the territory that recognize the dual membership.

An Affiliated membership.

Open to paint, printing ink or artist colour companies or National Associations outside the CEPE territory. As well as open for suppliers to the industry.

A membership with CEPE brings:

  • access to up to date information on industry relevant developments on safety, health and environment (e.g. legislation, guidelines or industry initiatives)
  • the opportunity to contribute to proposals for the industry.

For more information on CEPE membership, feel free to send an e-mail to CEPE secretariat.