CEN – CENELEC eLearning Tool

A new CEN-CENELEC interactive online educational tool provides European SMEs with a chance to learn about standardization in a quick and easy way. By way of short animations and explanatory texts the participants will learn about the benefits of using standards and of participating in standardization.

SMEs make up more than 20 million enterprises in Europe and employ more than 80 million people. Despite this, SMEs and especially micro enterprises do not play a leading role in either creating or using standards. However, standardization allows companies access to state-of-the-art technology and thereby strengthens their innovation capacity. It creates a level playing field for the market access of companies and the introduction of new products and services.

CEN and CENELEC have developed an eLearning tool that is intended to encourage SMEs to become more involved in standardization and have their say in creating the best possible business environment for their activities. Although the tool has been developed with SMEs in mind, it is useable by anybody who wants to know more about standards and standardization. The project has been co-funded with the European Commission.

The eLearning tool consists of 6 modules with individual subjects. Each module begins with a review of the learning targets followed by an animation that explains the subject based on a concrete situation. The animations take place at a BBQ party, where the host, Bruno, talks to the various participants of a recent conference on standards and information security. After each animation, the participant can read more about the subject and finally test his/her knowledge. Results are not recorded, though, a Certificate of Achievement may be printed for personal use. A 7th module includes a number of cases from European SMEs that show what the companies have gained from using standards.

The eLearning tool is available in 23 languages.

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